129 Mt Auburn St
Cambridge, MA 02138
Since I moved to Boston in 1995, I've moved a few times and I've always used Nick's. One of the guys in charge, Dave (has an Australian accent), is always super accommodating. They are always on time and considerate. Nothing gets broken. They rock!
-Jen S.
Cambridge, MA
I was thoroughly happy and impressed with my move and movers, many thanks to Nick's! I have never hired movers before, and found it was so worth the money. I don't have much of a basis for comparison, but my goodness could these guys carry sh*t!?! I was amazed at the speed and efficiency...

I don't say this often, but I couldn't have done a better job myself!

-Jamie L.
Somerville, MA
My experience with Nick's was great! I selected Nick's because my brother used them and had a great move.

I moved from a studio apartment in East Somerville to a one bedroom apartment in West Somerville in December. I hate winter moves, and I especially hate December moves because it's hard to round-up friends to help. However, I pulled it off.

My East Somerville apartment was a shoebox--my furniture was jammed into that place. If you could fit a box in that apartment, there was a box. In short, my East Somerville apartment was small and nasty.

The crew was GREAT! Ben told me that my movers would be there at 9:00am, ready to work. Within 45 minutes, they had all the boxes loaded--they carried the boxes two and three at a time! They quickly removed my heavy oak book cases and my wardrobe in no time flat. They took apart my bed and moved that, too. They swept the junk that was under my bed into a pile in the corner, as instructed, so that I could deal with it later. They did everything right.

Fifteen minutes after I arrived (by bus) at the new place, they arrived and were busy moving my stuff in. I had post-it notes set-up in my new apartment, for where I wanted them to put my things. Everything was placed where I wanted it to go. The bed was set-up. The furniture arrived, none the worse for wear. They set-up my funky bed. I was moved in less than three hours--that was fast!

According to my movers, I had a lot to do with the fact that my move was fast and went way under budget. The first thing I did right was I spent the time to think through the process. I started planning the move when I was sure I was going to move, but I didn't know when. So, I had taken the time to go through my things and to throw out, sell or give away things I no longer wanted. I carefully packed my things, following the packing advise found on multiple web sites. ISecondly, I moved all my artwork, my china and other fragile or expensive items myself and I put them away. Thirdly, I pre-moved some of my clothes and set-up a basic kitchen. This made life much easier. Fourthly, I put post-it labels in the new place showing where I wanted items to go.

I did not experience any of the problems the other reviewers did with this company. I worked with my movers and I had a successful and reasonably stress free move.

Pros: Fast, Fast, Fast
Cons: None that I know of


-Kestral S
I moved from a shoe box studio apartment in East Somerville to a one bedroom apartment in West Somerville. I hate to move during the winter, and I really hate to move in December. It's difficult to roundup your friends to help you move.

I had a great move. Ben sent me a friendly, fast and efficient two man crew. They did exactly what I wanted them to do. My stuff arrived safe and sound. The movers checked out both neighborhoods and buildings the day before, to make sure there were no surprises. They took apart my bed and reassembled it right where I wanted it to be.

By the way, they're rates are reasonable, especially when you compare them to other local movers. My move came in under budget.

I found out about Nick's Moving from my brother, who moved earlier this year. He had a good move.

These guys started out as a "two man and a van" moving service and grew the business. It won the 'Best of Boston' award twice already. I had about as good of a move as one could expect.

-Victoria J
Schenectady, NY
"Cheap and Friendly" is painted on the side of Nick's trucks, and that they are. I've done two -- update: now three! -- local moves with these guys (and yes, in my experience they are all guys), and they're very friendly, casual, yet efficient. They charge by the hour, per man, starting at $99/hour, which includes labor but also gas and mileage on the truck. I appreciated the simplicity of the whole arrangement, since I've had other movers stick me with annoying extra "fees."

Nick's guys don't waste any time, either: The only time they were sitting idle was because they were waiting for me to throw the last few books into boxes. But more than anything, I appreciate their friendly demeanor. Moving is so stressful and awful that a smiling face goes a long way.

-Scott M
San Francisco, CA
Nicks did a first rate job on my move. NOTHING was damaged or broken, they were efficient and the price was appropriate. I would happily recommend them to anyone moving locally.

-Heather B
San Francisco, CA
Just a quick review about my experience with Nick's Moving Company. I hired them in October of 2008 on a referral from a good friend. Rich and Junior were great. They couldn't have been more helpful and professional. I was concerned about my expensive bedroom furniture and they assured me nothing would happen to it. They were right!!! It showed up to my new place with out a scratch on it. They were careful of all my belongings.

I'm moving again on March 1st and guess who I hired? Nick's!!! Rich and Junior are the best!!!

- Amy C.
Salem, MA
I have used Nicks twice, once in 2008 and the workers were very friendly, professional and efficient. The quality is worth way more than the price (which is very pocket friendly) you pay for the service. The two gentlemen that moved me, Rich and James, were very helpful and took great care with everything, and were careful to wrap everything to minimize any chances of damage. This past January, I used Nicks's again for a combined move of two households. James, Ross and Rich were extraordinary once again, very fast, efficient and courteous. I will definitely use them again in the future and I definitely recommend using them to anyone!

- Jennifer C.
Stoneham, MA



Rates start as low as $69/hr for 2 men, truck and insurance.