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Nick's Moving 10 Tips for a Smooth Move
  1. Parking: A good parking spot is vital for an efficient move. Obtain parking permits or reserve parking for the truck at both locations. We recommend 40' of space for the truck. Nick's Moving is happy to help you obtain permits in the cities of Boston, Cambridge, or Somerville. Street occupancy permits for Boston can only be obtained in person at Boston City Hall. Application hours are 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Permits are issued by the Public Works Department located in room 714 of City Hall. You will need a bond permission letter from Nick's Moving, which we can fax or e-mail to you. Be sure to bring a checkbook as they will not accept credit cards or cash. Street occupancy permits for Somerville are required by law for moving vehicles parked in the street ($50 ticket). Permits can be obtained at Somerville Traffic and Parking 133 Holland St. in Somerville. Applications available online at http://www.somervillema.gov/section.cfm?org=Traffic&page=349 Street occupancy permits for Cambridge can be obtained at 344 Broadway in Cambridge. Applications available online at www.cambridgema.gov/traffic.
  2. Pets: Moving can be very stressful for pets, and we suggest finding a quiet out of the way place for them to stay during the entire move. It is important that the movers do not have any pets loose because they can get in the way which can be very dangerous when carrying large pieces of furniture.
  3. Labeling your boxes: All boxes should be closed and clearly labeled with their destination and contents. It is best to label your boxes on the top as well as the sides K for kitchen MBR for master bedroom etc. If a box contains fragile items be sure to mark it FRAGILE. (more packing tips available in our packing section).
  4. Personal Items: Please separate your cell phone, checkbook, keys, cash, credit cards, and prescription medications. These should travel with you in your personal vehicle on the day of the move.
  5. Furniture placement: It is important to have a good idea of where your furniture will be placed at your destination. You should be standing near the entrance and directing the movers exactly where to place each piece of furniture. This saves time and also saves you the trouble of having to rearrange the furniture after our movers have left.
  6. Labeling your furniture: If there are some items that you would not like us to move please separate and mark them. Labeling your furniture for rooms at the destination is not necessary and will often be covered by the moving blankets anyway.
  7. Elevators: Please reserve an elevator in your building for the day of the move. Having the elevator ready when the movers arrive will save the time it takes for them to put up the necessary padding and insure that our movers do not have compete for the elevator.
  8. Furniture disassembly: Of course our movers are happy to take care of any disassembly and reassembly, but a great way to save some time and money on your move is to disassemble any necessary furniture before the movers arrive. Furniture that should be dissembled can include: cribs, beds, large tables, futons, and exercise equipment.
  9. Walkways: Be sure to clear walkways of any snow, ice or debris at both locations. Our movers are happy to assist with snow and ice removal unfortunately this does take some time.
  10. Refreshments: If you would like to provide refreshments for your movers they prefer water and Gatorade. Their favorite cookies are chocolate chip! (just kidding about the cookies).



Rates start as low as $69/hr for 2 men, truck and insurance.