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boston moving


We have many individual boxes for sale including:

Book Boxes primarily used for packing up books, CDs, canned goods and wine. Our book box measures 16" X 13" X 13" and cost only $2.50.

Medium boxes are used for moving linens, clothing, toys, pots & pans, lamp shades and other house hold items. Our Medium boxes measure 18" X 18" X 17" and cost $3.50

Large boxes are more often for long distance moving and hold the same as medium boxes but are 18" X 18" X 24". Our large packing boxes cost $4.50 each.

Wardrobe Box with Bar is used as a portable closet and is great for seasonal storage. Wardrobe boxes are 24" X 20" X 51" and run $15.00.

We sell dish packs so all your dishes are intact upon arrival. Prices ranging $10-$15.

We also sell picture packs so that all your artwork and photos arrive in ship-shape condition. Picture packs range from $15-$25.

boston moving

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